Safety Belts
Safety belts available in IS mark .
Safety Belts And Allied Products


General Purpose harness. Man hoisting safety belt is used for all general duties where mobility is essential. Consist of one waist belt and two shoulder straps attatched with three adjustable friction buckles and a 'D' ring at the back to attach life line (Rope) with hook.



Ensures Safe fall protection to arrest falls and facilitates rescue and evacuation operations. Product design ensures sufficient distribution of fall impact to various parts of human body.


Life line of Nylon 10/12 mmØ. P.P. Rope, 16/18 mmØ or Manila 16/18 mmØ are attached at one end to 'D' ring in belt and another end with various hooks. Both the ends of life line are duly sliced with sheep skin leather for safety.  
Electricians Leather Safety belt with 3" body pad and 1 1/2" belt with plier pocket, tape holder and glove snap, with 2 'D' rings. Adjustable safety strap, with 2 screw hooks for attachingto above belt can be provided.

We also offer window cleaning belt, Bosain chair type belt as per customer's requirement.
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