Emergency Kit
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Containing Tools to arrest Leakage:

  1. Hood assembly for leaking valve.
  2. Tie Rod Assembly.
  3. Hood assembly for leaking fusible plug.
  4. Chain assembly for Body leakage.
  5. Drift pins & Ball pen hammer for body leakage and valve leakage.
  6. Yoke clamp for drawing gas from correct valve.
  7. Valve Nozzles & copper tubing with adaptor for outlet.
  8. Amonia Torch with solution.
Safety Equipments to handle the leakage.(which are included in the kit.)
  1. Acid & Alkali proof PVC apron.
  2. Acid & Alkali proof PVC Handgloves.
  3. Safety goggles.
  4. Fresh Airline Respirator or plus pressure suit.
  5. Canister Gas Mask.
Note : Emergency kit offered in 4 categories.
a. ) General Kit consisting all Tools & Equipments mentioned above to arrest leakage from Tonner as well as cylinder container.

b. ) Same as above but for Tonner only.

c. ) Same as above but for vertical cylinder only.

d. ) a and b type of kit can be available with universal ring, which helps to arrest leakage by a single person.

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