Foot Protection

Gumboots are made from Acid/Alkali proof PVC or rubber, with/without fabric lining, in half or full size with anti-skid soles.

Rubber gumboots can be available with steel Toe Cap also. Sizes available 5 to 11.

Leather Shoes
Jodhpuri Style
Oxford Style
Ammunition Style
All Safety shoes/boots are made out of heavy duty, soft and thick penu leather upper in black/brown colour with cushion padded ISI Steel Toe Cap and soles in antiskid design.
Safety Shoes
Asbestos / Alumnised glass fibre shoes also available for heat resistant utility. Sizes available from 5 to 11.

Leg Guards : - Made of soft and even thickness leather with Velcro fastening for Protection against sparks during welding or in machine shop. For protection against heat or hot metal, Asbestos leg guards are used.

Sizes available 12" to 20" long.

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