Hand Protection
Hand Gloves
Leather Hand Gloves
Made out of soft and flexible 1 to 1.2mm even thickness leather in single palm/Double palm, reinforcement at thumb. Ideal for Machinist, welders and heavy material handling.
Leather-steel Staple gloves
Box type stitching with steel staples at palm and fingers to handle hot and sharp edges. Ideal for sheet and wire handling.
Green Gloves

With leather palm made out of shrink proof 11oz drill material duly raised from inside for soft touch, additional reinforcement at knuckle joint. This provides 3 time life than regular canvas gloves.


We also offer special application gloves for heat and cut resistance purposes, Aluminised hand gloves, Kevlar gloves.

Hosiery knitted gloves, fiberglass hand gloves with leather covering and flannel lining for heat resistance to eliminate use of asbestos.

Asbestos Fabric GLoves
Made from regular quality (S - 20) and Hindustan Composite's AMC-41 etc., asbestos, lined with heavy duty flannel pasted with synthetic solution for more flexibility and longer storing period. Also available with leather lining/reinforcement.     Kevlar Gloves
Drill Canvas Hand Gloves
Available in 11/14 ounce thick material, double stitch, Ideal for general purpose and light material handling.  
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