Hand Protection

We offer various gloves for different processes and applications.

Surgical Type - Available in palm size 6" to 10" with standard length of 11' made out o fLatex Rubber for Laboratory use.

Post Mortum Type - Palm size 8" to 10" with standard length of 11" made out of Latex Rubber, orange colour, for heavy Laboratory/Hospital use.

ICI Quality - For Heavy duty Industrial use made from Latex Rubber (orange/red or white lined). Acid/Alkali proof.

Black Natural Rubber - Available in regular/heavy duty quality - Acid/Alkali proof for general industrial use.

PVC - Supported or unsupported gloves, acid/alkali proof for heavy duty chemicals handling.

All the above gloves available in length 12" to 22".


  We maintian stock of imported NITRILE FLOCKLINED GLOVES with diamond pattern for better grip. These are resistant to certain solvents and oils.
NEOPRENE FLOCKLINED GLOVES for better resistance to certain chemicals and durability.
Ask for Electric shock-proof gloves, Butile golves, cut resistant gloves, etc.
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