Head Protection
helmet - hdpe
helmet with faceshield
helmet with earmuff

HDPE Helmet - Available With
1) Adjustable Headband and Chinstrap .
2) Faceshield. sizes: - Small-(500/540 mm); Medium-(540/590 mm); Large-(590/640 mm)
3) Earmuff. - Slot fix design helps easy clip - on ear muff.

Salient Features
   Made from light weight, high impact/chemical resistant HDPE(High Density Polythylene Thermoplastic)
   Adjustable six point head harness with sweat band. Protects entire head from any impact. Adjustable nape strap secures helmet firmly in position and eliminate conventional chin strap.
   Specially designed brim gives additional lateral protection.
   Slot fix design helps easy clip-on of ear muff and face shield.
   Available in 5 standard colours white, red, green, blue and yellow. Other colours are also available. *
* condition applies.
Industrial/Miners Helmets Industrial helmets for
Firemen / Civil defence
Also available - Fibre Glass Helmets and Hoods
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