Miscellaneous Protective Items
Tonner Stand
It is generally observed that Tonners are kept on the floor. What happens if your Tonner develops a leak and because of inadequate storage area or sheer numbers, are you able to work in an emergency?
You're hardly expected to twiddle your thumbs or move all your Tonners to get to the one you want.
What do you do in an emergency?
(Or are you going to wait for an emergency before you react?)
There is a solution to this problem. Our Tonner stand (and of course, our emergency kit.)
Advantages of Stand
  • Safe, Easy storage and handling of Tonner container.
  • Easy to apply to various devices in emergencies.
  • Facilitates easy rotation of Tonner to bring the leaking valve into upper position and arrest gas leaks.
  • To work safely, Tonner position can be changed according to wind direction due to swivel wheels in the stand.
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