Safety Rope Ladder
back fall arrester wind sock


Made out of one piece Nylon rope of 10/12 mm with wooden/Aluminium rungs. kept 1ft.(12") apart with 1ft.(12") clear distance between two side ropes. To hold the ladder, upper ends are spliced perfectly and provided with screw/spring hooks.

Length of the ladder can be provided as per customers requirement.
Ideal for working at heights and maintenance, work in reactors or tanks.


Scientifically designed for complete safety of workers working on fragile roofs. System is manufactured from sturdy extruded light weight aluminium provided with a sliding device; elevating pads and quick action clamps. It distributes the weight of the worker over several saddles to ensure that the weight is transfered equally to the load bearing tructure of the soof, for the safety of the worker, instead of the fragile corrugated roof.

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