Respiratory Protection
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METTI CLOTH MASK - For soft and comfortable easy wear with adjustable elastic head band - Washable/Disposable. Available in yellow and blue colour.
PVC DUST MASK :- Available with replaceable dust cartirdge and elastic head band. Easy and comfortable to wear in yellow and blue colour.
FUME MASK - Blue PVC body with replaceable organic/inorganic cartridges and elastic head band.
PLEATED - design filter mask made of non woven fabric with adjustable & flexible nose clip and strong elastic band. Available in attractive colours. Inexpensive to dispose even after single use.
GAS/VAPOUR/ODOUR PROTECTION MASK - Consisting of soft virgin grade PVC face piece with elastic fastnerss, exhalation and inhalation valves with leak proof latex rubber. These masks can be used with suitable replaceable cartridges. (1000 ppm)
RESUSCITATOR - An intermittent positive pressure respirator for administering artificial respiration.
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