Safety Showers and Eyewash
Lever Operated Shower & Hand Operated Eyewash

Emergency showers have become a must in chemical plants. In case of accident the chemical splashed on workman can be easily washed out by these showers to reduce the adverse effect of chemicals.

Our safety showers are made from 'C' class galvanized pipes and fittings and working parts like Ball valves are provided with stainless steel ball and spindle for longer life.

Shower and eye bowl are made of strong and sturdy aluminium body to protect against breakage and rusting. Also available in chemical Resistant, strong ABS plastic.

Safety showers are available in following combinations.

  1. Hand operated shower and foot operated eye wash fountain.
  2. Hand operated shower and hand operated eye wash fountain.
  3. Hand operated eye wash fountain only.
  4. Foot operated eye wash fountain only.
  5. Hand operated shower only.
  6. Wall mounted hand operated eye wash fountain.
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