JKSafety 9 Multiple Pockets High Reflective Safety Vest and Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Polo Shirt

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  • JKSafety 9 Pockets Class 1 Type O Reflective Safety Vest is intended for general industrial safety purposes. The use of 150g Polyester with natural ventilation lining structure not only gives the safety vest lightweight and breathable, but also machine washable in cool water.
  • The Safety Vest comes with a style, the iconic 2-Tier PVC Transparency ID Badge, a set of various size expandable utility pockets, and 2 large expandable utility waist pockets with side hand insert, not only provide sizable storage space for daily lightweight necessities but also utilizes functionality with a fresh look. Four 2 inches wide high reflective strips with fluorescent Yellow trim were sewed on the vest body to maximize the visibility on a Class 1 Type O safety vest.
  • JKSafety Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Polo Shirt Class 2, is designed for general safety purposes. The use of Moisture Wicking fabric gives the reflective safety shirt lightweight and breathable. Four 2 inches wide highly reflective strips combine with fluorescent yellow color on the upper body cover the chest and the back with a 360 degree Retro-Reflective light wave under daylight or low light environment. The Dark blue color at the lower body, waist area, provide a hiding place for minor grease
  • Great for municipal workers, construction and renovation workers, contractors, site engineers, superintendents, surveyor, foresters and conservation workers, FAA airport ground crews, fulfillment center/warehouse workers, public safety marshal, crossing guard, traffic and parking attendants, securities, public transportation and truck drivers, survey crews, and volunteers. Or for recreational activities such as cycling, wilderness hiking, park walking, jogging and motorcycling.

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