Solid Safety Vests

The hi-vis solid safety vests are one solid piece of polyester fabric. Hi-vis reflective solid safety vests are less prone to snagging and tearing, and it is great for customization with a logo or text.
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JKSafety 10 Pockets Two-Tone Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK089)

$25.25 USD
Unisex, and Highly Visible Design: Delivering a striking balance of style and safety, this unisex vest sports a zipper front and a straight-cutting design, accommodating various body types. The 100%...

JKSafety 9 Pockets Women Mesh Two-Tone Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK168)

$21.99 USD
Safety and Style, Tailored for Women: Introducing the JKSafety 9 Pockets Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest – a seamless blend of safety, utility, and style, expressly designed for our distinguished female colleagues....

JKSafety 9 Pockets Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK150)

From $17.99 USD
Materials Built to Last:  Comprising 100% durable, breathable, and lightweight Polyester material, it prioritizes your safety and comfort in all working environments. For those preferring a loose fit, kindly consider ordering...

JKSafety 9 Pockets Two-Tone Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK901)

From $22.99 USD
Exceptional Visibility: Ensure standout visibility with our unisex, straight-cut safety vest, featuring four, 2-inch wide Hi-Vis retro-reflective tapes, all gracefully outlined by a vibrant orange extended edge trim. The distinctive two-tone...

JKSafety 9 Pockets Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest, Black Bottom (JK150)

From $17.99 USD
Incomparable Material Quality for Protection: Safeguard yourself with our 100% Polyester Hi-Vis Reflective Material, ensuring your visibility, durability, and comfort in every working scenario. With a breathable, lightweight, and machine-washable nature,...

JKSafety 10 Pockets Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK088)

$17.99 USD
Premium Material: Navigate through your tasks with utmost comfort and durability, thanks to our vest crafted from 100% Polyester. This breathable, lightweight, and resilient material is also machine-washable in cold water,...

JKSafety 7 Pockets Two-Tone Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK130)

From $21.99 USD
Enhanced Visibility Wherever You Work: Never compromise on your visibility and safety. Outfitted with four, 2-inch wide reflective strips, our safety vest guarantees 360° retro-reflective light wave coverage across the...

JKSafety Kids Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK-KID02)

$13.99 USD
Optimal 360° Visibility for Safety: Ensure that your little explorers are seen and safe in all light conditions. With a 360° high-visibility feature, this vest assures that they are always seen,...

JKSafety 7 Pockets Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK130)

From $16.99 USD
Resilient Materials for Durable Safety: Indulge in the top-tier durability and impactful visibility of 100% polyester high-visibility reflective material. This lightweight, breathable, washable, and durably constructed safety vest stands as a...

JKSafety Evaporative Cooling Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JKC129)

$19.99 USD
Beat the Heat with Cooling Vest: Introducing the JKSafety Evaporative Cooling Vest - your solution to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature even under the sweltering conditions of your workplace or outdoor...

JKSafety 10 Pockets 2-Pack Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest Mesh Fabric (JK087)

From $39.99 USD
Double the Safety and Savings: Introducing the JKSafety 2-Pack Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vests, an economical bundle bringing you not only amplified visibility and protection in your work environment but also...


Top 5 Advantages of Reflective Safety Vests for Workplace Safety

Discover the top benefits of reflective safety vests, from enhanced visibility in low-light conditions to compliance with safety laws. Learn how these vests play a crucial role in accident prevention and professional identification across various industries, including construction, transportation, and emergency services.

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