hi vis workwear kids reflective safety vest hi vis workwear kids reflective safety vest

Kids Hi-Vis Safety Vests

Kids Hi-Vis Safety Vests are designed to enhance the visibility and safety of children in environments where being easily seen is crucial. These vests are tailored to fit children comfortably, made with bright colors and reflective materials to ensure high visibility at all times. Our ANSI-complaint Kids Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest prioritizes optimal 360° visibility, ensuring children are seen in various light conditions. This vest is specifically designed for the safety of young explorers, providing a secure fit and enhancing their visibility whether at school, on field trips, or in any outdoor activities.
Ensure your child's safety with our ANSI-compliant Kids Hi-Vis Safety Vests. Designed for optimal visibility, these vests feature bright colors and reflective materials for 360° visibility. Perfect for school, field trips, and outdoor activities.
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JKSafety Kids Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK-KID02)

JKSafety Kids Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK-KID02)

$13.99 USD
Optimal 360° Visibility for Safety: Ensure that your little explorers are seen and safe in all light conditions. With a 360° high-visibility feature, this vest assures that they are always seen,...


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