JKSafety is a brand focus on design and produces proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline workers. The JKSafety Classic 9 multi-pockets retro-reflective safety vest is designed and manufactured in 2015. The Transparency PVC ID Badge Pocket design brings a fresh look as safety apparel and becomes one of the iconic PPE features in now a day. The vests are well-received by the shoppers and are ranked in 2nd place as one of the best “Safety Vests with Pockets” in 2016 by the US media.

The JKSafety Reflective Safety Vests are ranked as one of the best “Safety Vests with Pockets” by the media. One of the iconic feature designs is the Transparency ID Badge Pocket that brings a fresh look as safety apparel. The expandable utility pockets and the utility pocket set provide a lot of storage space with various sizes for daily lightweight necessities.

The vest body is composed of Polyester with a breathable lining structure to maximize natural ventilation, light in weight, and machine washable in cold water. All vests come with four 2-inches wide highly reflective strips with bright neon vest body-color, which will glow in daylight and low light environment. They fully comply with ANSI and ISEA safety standards.

The Vests are great for individuals or companies who are looking for a PPE with a fresh look. Ideal safety apparel for municipal workers, construction and renovation workers, contractors, site engineers, superintendents, surveyor, foresters and conservation workers, airport ground crews, fulfillment center or warehouse workers, public safety marshal, crossing guard, traffic and parking attendants, securities, public transportation and truck drivers, survey crews, and volunteers. Or for recreational activities such as cycling, wilderness hiking, park walking, jogging, scooter riding, and motorcycling.
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