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JKSAFETY® is a leading brand in the workwear industry, characterized by strong partnerships with over 120 business partners and service to more than 500,000 individual customers across the globe.

We are recognized for quality and reliability, offering a comprehensive range of workwear products that cater to the varied needs of our customers. Our dedication to excellence has established us as the preferred choice for customers worldwide who prioritize safety.

We invite you to join our alliance, offering an opportunity to experience exceptional service and to elevate your sales to unprecedented levels.

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  • 3-Month Trial Program
  • Advanced Quality Control & Support
  • Charity Support & Contributions
3-Month Free Trial Program

3-Month Trial Program

JKSafety offers a 3-Month Trial Program designed to support verified offline retailers and distributors test the market.

During the trial period, partners can access our full product range and place orders for the smallest initial quantity with the largest available discounts. Ensuring our partners can swiftly initiate the business with a competitive advantage.

At the end of the 3-month trial, partners can decide about the future orders based on the market feedback and sales performance.

Advanced Quality Control & Support

Advanced Quality Control Support

With 9 years of experience in manufacturing and brand operation, JKSafety understands the market's needs and product pain points.

We continuously enhance user experience. Each JKSafety product undergoes rigorous quality inspection before shipment.

To protect distributor interests and improve market competitiveness, JKSafety offers comprehensive after-sales service, including replace and refunds for any defective items.

Charity Support & Contributions

Charity Support & Contributions

JKSafety offers donations of workwear to verified charitable organizations worldwide.

Annually, JKSafety contribute 5,000+ of our protective workwear to the charities globally. We takes pride in our commitment to social responsibility, focusing not just on providing quality workwear but also on making a significant impact in communities globally.