Five Reasons Why Hi-Vis Green Serve As Armor Of Blue-Collar Workers

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Every day, thousands of blue-collar workers are put in harm's way with little to no protection.

The number one cause for these accidents is not wearing proper safety gear to protect them from harm. A study conducted by NIOSH revealed that nearly two-thirds of all construction fatalities involved a worker who was NOT wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our high visibility safety vests provide an effective and affordable solution for these men and women who work long hours outdoors under harsh weather conditions. These bright green vests increase their visibility in dim light conditions and protect them from potential dangers on the job site. All our products meet ANSI/ISEA standards for high visibility apparel, so you can have peace of mind knowing your employees will be safe at all times when wearing our gear.

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How Does Hi-Vis Green Protect Workers?

High visibility green clothing protects blue-collar workers by promoting safety and protecting the environment. Regardless of the job or industry, high-visibility clothing is a significant investment that pays off in the long run.

Protecting blue-collar workers from injury is a top priority for employers. The appropriate high-visibility clothing can prevent accidents on the job site. Choosing the most suitable garment is essential based on the workplace environment. Fortunately, manufacturers make the process easy. By ensuring that employees are comfortable and feel safe in their gear, the manufacturer can increase the likelihood of their workers wearing their clothing for a whole day at work.

Regardless of the industry or location, high-visibility garments can be used to protect workers. According to ANSI standards, a high-visibility garment must meet specific requirements to protect blue-collar workers. In addition, it must be properly cared for to ensure maximum effectiveness. Read on for five ways our Hi-Vis Green apparel protects workers.

Here Are Five Ways Green Apparel Protects Blue-Collar Workers:

High visibility clothing protects workers in different environmental conditions. Regardless of the weather, high-visibility green clothing is critical PPE for protecting blue-collar workers.

1. Visibility

Hi-Vis green clothing makes workers more visible to drivers and other workers in the area, reducing the chances of an accident. Not only is our clothing a bright color for visibility, but the clothing is also reflective for even greater safety regardless of lighting.

2. Injury Prevention

Hi-Vis green clothing can help prevent injuries by making workers more visible in low-light or hazardous areas and can reduce accidents related to poor vision. Our Hi-Vis clothing items are made from materials, which can help drivers avoid hitting workers on the road. Everyone can benefit from high visibility clothing, especially those working in construction or industrial. Have you ever driven through highway construction? Drivers are focused on what is going on rather than the workers. Workers who are not wearing Hi-Vis clothing are at risk of getting hit while a driver is not paying attention.

3. Comfort

Hi-Vis green clothing is comfortable and flexible, so it isn't a burden for workers to wear all day long. Hi-Vis clothing can be worn with other safety equipment such as steel-toed boots and hard hats. Our clothing is available in assorted sizes for various figures offering comfortable options for everyone.

4. Body Temperature

Hi-Vis green clothing helps keep workers cool in warmer temperatures, reducing the chances of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Hi-Vis apparel is sometimes made of materials that wick moisture away from the skin to keep wearers dry and more comfortable on the job site or outdoor worksite.

5. Sweat

HiVis green clothing doesn't absorb sweat as non-reflective clothes do, which means workers stay cleaner, neater, and more professional looking when they wear Hi-Vis apparel during the day.

How Can JKSafety Help Meet Your Hi-Vis Clothing Needs?

You’ve come to the right place! We have a wide selection of safety apparel that will keep your employees safe on the job site. Our products are made with durability in mind to stand up to even the harshest conditions. And because we know how important it is for workers to feel comfortable and confident in their gear, our garments are designed with comfort as a top priority. They’re also easy to clean and maintain – which means you won’t have any trouble keeping them fresh and ready for use at all times.

When you choose, not only do you get high-quality workwear but also peace of mind knowing that your employees are protected from injury while on the job site. We offer free shipping within Canada too, so there’s no need to worry about hidden fees or extra costs when ordering online today!

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