Black Bottom Safety Vests

These black bottom safety vests have a high visibility top half combined with a black bottom half. It increases your visibility while working under daylight or low light condition.
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JKSafety 9 Pockets Mesh Two-Tone Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest, Black Bottom (JK100)

From $23.99 USD
Unparalleled Material, Crafted with Precision: Introducing a safety vest constructed with 100% Polyester Mesh Lite Lining Hi-Vis Reflective Body Material, promoting lightweight, breathable, durable, and machine-washable features. 360° Reflectivity with Enhanced...

JKSafety 9 Pockets Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest, Black Bottom (JK150)

From $17.99 USD
Incomparable Material Quality for Protection: Safeguard yourself with our 100% Polyester Hi-Vis Reflective Material, ensuring your visibility, durability, and comfort in every working scenario. With a breathable, lightweight, and machine-washable nature,...

JKSafety 7 Pockets Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest (JK130)

From $16.99 USD
Resilient Materials for Durable Safety: Indulge in the top-tier durability and impactful visibility of 100% polyester high-visibility reflective material. This lightweight, breathable, washable, and durably constructed safety vest stands as a...

JKSafety 9 Pockets Mesh Two-Tone Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Vest, Cushion Collar (JK101)

$28.99 USD
Stay safe and comfortable with the JKSafety HV Safety Vest, a fusion of functionality and comfort for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Crafted from 100% Polyester Mesh Fabric, this vest...


Top 5 Advantages of Reflective Safety Vests for Workplace Safety

Discover the top benefits of reflective safety vests, from enhanced visibility in low-light conditions to compliance with safety laws. Learn how these vests play a crucial role in accident prevention and professional identification across various industries, including construction, transportation, and emergency services.

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